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Weekly/Bi-Weekly Residential & Commercial Cleaning Service

If you have a busy schedule, then it’s probably a challenge to maintain a clean home. How would it feel to come home to a consistently clean and fresh living environment? Why not spend your time and energy doing what you love while leaving the dirty work to Debs Pristine Cleaning services? Keep in mind that we only use professional-grade cleaning products that are also safe for pets and children. When you reach out to us, we’ll be happy to come up with a custom cleaning plan for you. We’re happy to serve Moses Lake and the surrounding areas.

Here are just a few benefits of our weekly/bi-weekly house cleaning service:

- Prevention of mold and other related issues

- Keeping allergens at a minimum

- Always being ready to have guests over

- Saving money on cleaning supplies

- Taking house cleaning off your to-do list for good
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Move In/Out House Cleaning

Stress can be a very big part of the moving process when moving out of one home and/or into another. You’re already going to be busy enough with packing and unpacking your belongings. Why not let Debs Pristine Cleaning services clean your previous or new residence to ease your burden? If you’re a renter and your lease is about to end, you know the home will be inspected for any damages. With our help, you can be a step ahead of your landlord or property manager by having your soon-to-be ex-home sparkling clean. We’re happy to clean any new home or soon-to-be ex-home in Moses Lake and surrounding areas.

Here are just a few ways we can assist:

  • Cleaning drawers
  • Scrubbing appliances
  • Vacuuming and mopping
  • Dusting
  • Wiping down showers, countertops, sinks, etc.
  • Dusting the air intake and return vents
  • And much more
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One-Time or Special Occasion Cleaning

Whether you need house cleaning on a consistent basis or just for a special occasion, Debs Pristine Cleaning services is happy to accommodate any customer’s needs in Moses Lake and surrounding areas. Maybe you want to be ready for the arrival of guests or you just want to boost your home’s level of cleanliness for a special occasion. In any event, you can count on us to give your bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and other common areas a high quality professional cleaning.

Here are a few more reasons why you might take advantage of our one-time cleaning service:

- Preparing for the holidays

- You’re about to have company

- A new baby or other loved one will be coming home from the hospital

- You just need a break (this also counts as an occasion!)
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Full Service Cleaning
We'll Clean Your Home From Top To Bottom

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Full home vacuum

 Clean all hard surface floors

Clean kitchen and bathrooms

 Stove scrub down
 Wet wipe doorknobs and light switches

 Clean all mirrors and glass tables

 Clean window interiors

 Make beds
Clean floor molding

Dust window blinds

Dust all ceiling fans

Disinfect entire house

 Dust and wet wipe furniture

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